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First Intermittent Fast

Hello again… thought I would give my first update on this adventure. Today at 12:30 I ended my first 24 fast. I did not go “pure” as I did have some coffee (with a bit of milk), but all in all my caloric intake for the period probably didn’t exceed 100. Next time (Wed) I am planning to go “pure” and not eat anything but water.  

Surprisingly, I wasn’t starving or really hungry at all at the end of the 24 hours. The only side effect is that I woke this morning very dry in the mouth/sinus.  I thought I had consumed enough water over the last day, but I think the amount of sweat I’ve been dripping lately really drained me. I’ll drink more water next time.

If you read my very first post I explain how my week might look with IF, YAYOG, and some cardio. One thing I am concerned about is how IF might impact what I am doing with working out, specifically with the YAYOG stuff, as I I am only doing the cardio at this point to try to shed additional weight and may kill that off anyways. 

I’ve looked around for information on what a good schedule might be, but nothing seemed conclusive. However, I think I might make one adjustment at this point… I am going to start my 24 hour fast 24 hours before I start my next YAYOG session, and immediately after I am going to try and consume one hell of a breakfast. From what I have been reading it will probably help with my recovery to do it this way. I guess I will see how things go? 


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