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Post Football (Exercise) Fasting

Since I started doing IF I have completed 3 24-hour fasts and am currently into my 4th. This fast will be different than the others as it started with a hour and a half of touch football and will be slightly abbreviated (maybe 20 hours). I laid out my IF schedule to try and avoid not eating after intense exercise, but changes in my schedule due to a bio-metric screening at work where fasting is suggested (I’d have to skip breakfast anyways) and some work related travel (where I will end up eating for social reasons) means I had to move it up or abandon it completely. To this point I have really enjoyed my fasts, and so I didn’t want to abandon it.

I did a little research to see if doing a fast after exercise was a big no-no and found an article on Mark’s Daily Apple (go figure) that suggests doing this occasionally might not be such a bad thing. You can read article to figure out why.

This will definitely be a 1 time deal. If it comes up again I will probably abandon the fast altogether, but for the sake of experimenting I am giving it a go this time. I am interested to see how my body reacts. At 4 hours in I can say I am definitely hungrier than I have been in other fasts, which means I’ll actually need to employ some will power this time. I’ll give an update tomorrow night when I’m done.

P.S. The scale said 205.6 this morning 🙂


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